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The training duration of the program is around 20 weeks. The company referral & placement process may extend beyond the 20 weeks duration.

We expect the participants to dedicate 20-25 hours per week towards the program including classroom lectures and assignments to achieve best results. The workload can be easily managed with full-time job or college education.

Weekends (Saturday-Sunday)

  • You will have to invest around 4-5 hours each over the weekends for the live training by the master trainer which is mostly done anytime between 11-5 pm with a half an hour lunch break.


  • You will have access to our LMS which includes notes, quizzes and assignment problems along with the recorded class lectures from the weekend for a quick recap. One will have to invest anywhere between 3-5 hours on daily basis to be able to finish the assigned daily tasks. However, the current phase is self-paced and can be done at any time based on one’s convenience.

Other Activities

  • Hackathon : Every Friday you will have to put aside 1.5 hours for the weekly Hackathons. These will be in addition to daily assignments.
  • Mentors : Post 10 weeks, we shall start you on the mock technical interviews to be conducted by various technical mentors associated with us. The mock Interviews shall require around 1 hour of time commitment over the week.
  • Alternate weeks Guest Talks : You will be expected to attend the Guest Talk Series where we invite founders of different tech companies, developers/managers working with Top MNCs like Google, Facebook, Uber etc.
  • Profile Building : Post 12 weeks, you will start investing around 2 hours on weekly basis to improve your CV, LinkedIn profile and to prepare for HR Interview.

The full program is administered online. The course delivery has been bi-furcated into following three areas :

  1. Instructor led sessions to introduce concepts and topic over live call

  2. Self-paced quizzes and assignments to apply learnings under the supervision of a personal teaching assistant

  3. Mentorship & guidance to help you make career decisions

We understand such a situation can occur with anyone and hence we provide you with the recorded lecture for the missed class. However, we would not appreciate it if the same happens for more than 10% of the overall program duration.

Placement Services

There is no upper limit on the number of referrals you can get. We will start referring your profile with recruiters after the first 15 weeks of the program. There is no upper limit on the number of companies you can apply to or interview with. We will ensure that you get the best offer that matches with your skills.

AddSkill program is designed to take care of all your placement needs starting from helping you develop relevant skills to lining up interviews for you.

As part of the program, you would get access to job opportunities in the firms who are working with us to hire the best technical talent. We will schedule interviews with these firms in order to help you get placed in a role of your choice.

Apart from educating you, we will also conduct resume making workshops and mock interviews to help you prepare for job interviews

No, you will not be allowed to sit for the placement after you have received the offer from any of our partner company. However, if receive an offer from one company and at the same time if you were in the process for another company as well we would allow you to clear the process for the same.

Yes and No. We only work with product-based companies and get the openings for Full stack developer, Backend developer, Software engineer and or Frontend developer. You can provide us with your preference of role and the location in advance. Once we meet the above criteria you will have to sit for the placements unless you are able to provide us with any valid reason for the same. Not sitting for placement will also be considered as a breach of the agreement.

No, we work with both Startups and top companies. Our portfolio companies range from startups who have raised at least Series A round of funds to the publicly traded companies. We also provide referrals in companies like Google, Amazon, Microsoft etc.

We are a pure educational company which belief in up-skilling the candidates. Once you are placed in a particular company, you shall be working directly on their payrolls and AddSkill will not have any direct or indirect engagement with the candidate.

No, you are not bound to work with the same company where you are placed after our training. You can leave the company if you get a better opportunity and growth option. However, we strongly believe in good work ethics which suggest one to at least work for a year with an esteemed organisation.

We have partnered with more than 100 companies for hiring AddSkill graduates and more companies are being added every day.

Once you complete the program and fulfill the requirements as laid out in the Code of Conduct, we start sharing your profiles with the companies for the interview process.

Entrance Process

We have found that our program caters to the need of 4 categories of candidates :

  • Candidates who are working in service companies and want to switch to product companies
  • Candidates from the top-tier institutes who are in the final year of college and are from Non-CS background. They come to us to prepare for better campus placement and explore off-campus opportunities available to them via AddSkill
  • Candidates who are looking for profile switch. For eg – for someone who is working in the testing profile for a few years and would like to switch to the development profile.
  • Candidates good at some technical skills but don’t have connects to get the Interviews lined up for themselves on their own.

At present, we are offering our program to the following:

  • Students graduating in 2022, with experience in coding.
  • Working professionals with 0-3 years of work experience in the software industry.

We do not look at following things during screening process :

  • No minimum CGPA criteria.
  • No criteria on branch and degree of the candidate.

The selection process is divided into two steps :

  • Step 1 : Filling up the detailed registration form
  • Step 2 : Personal interview of selected candidates to gauge the intent and interest level

We are looking for the Intent. We are looking for someone who has some basic knowledge of programming and can write and understand basic code in any one programming language. Apart from that, we are only looking for someone who has fire in the belly to do well in life. Looking for self-motivator who genuinely want to achieve something in life. Someone who can sustain the rigorous training for the next 20 weeks.

We would suggest you call us directly on +91-8123829822 and clarify your doubts loud and clear.

We can help you take a decision during personal interview process so that you are better informed to take a call.

Yes, you will be provided with the certificate after successful completion of the course.

Yes, you can take the course but you have to opt for the prepaid option for making the payment.

Fee Structure & Payment

We have a flexible fee structure so that you can pick a plan that suits you best. You can choose any one from the following plans :

Plan A: Prepaid Option

  • Registration Fees : ₹ 0
  • Course Fee : ₹ 99,000 one time fees with REFUND GUARANTEE . Full fee refund if you don’t get job above minimum promised CTC within 1 year of program completion
  • MONTHLY EMI Option available – 8999 per month

Plan B: Postpaid Option

  • Registration Fees: ₹ 3,000 + Payment Gateway Charges (Adjustable from first month fees)
  • Course Fee :
    • If you don’t get a job above minimum promised CTC – ₹ 0
    • If you get a job above minimum promised CTC – 15% of your Monthly Income for 24 months (Won’t change with your Salary hike)
  • Maximum Cap of ₹ 3,00,000 plus GST

Our experience with past batches has shown that the fees for the program is a small fraction of the salary hike received at the end of the program. Hence, the candidates will be able to recover the value from the program itself.

We have a mix of prepaid and postpaid plans that candidates can choose from depending upon their financial condition.

Our postpaid plans are designed for college students who might not be able to afford the fee for the program before getting a job. Once the candidates get a job above minimum guaranteed CTC, they can start repaying us for the program by contributing 15% of their CTC every month for the next 32years or upto a maximum sum of 3 lakhs (whichever is earlier).

Our prepaid programs are preferred mode of payment for candidates who can afford upfront payment for the program. We are working on flexible EMI payment options to ease the financial burden for prepaid plans

Our programs offer a great value addition to the people who are currently working. The following table provides the Return on Investment (ROI) for three different candidates from our previous batch :

  • Candidate 1 was earning 8 LPA before the program and our program helped them get a job of 15 LPA
  • Candidate 2 was earning 6 LPA before the program and our program helped them get a job of 12 LPA
  • Candidate 3 was earning 3.5 LPA before the program and our program helped them get a job of 8 LPA

The candidates would get a fair chance to evaluate our program in the first week. The Course fee payment cum financing document agreement would be signed at the beginning of the course after the first week. Once the Course fee payment cum financing document agreement is signed it would remain binding for the rest of the course duration. In special circumstances, the candidates may be offered a choice to pay upfront fee (on a prorated basis based on course completion level) in order to terminate the Course fee payment cum financing document.

Yes, switching companies won’t revoke Course fee payment cum financing document. A candidate would have to make regular payouts according to the terms of Course fee payment cum financing document if their earnings are higher than the minimum guaranteed CTC.

We will put our best leg forward to avoid a situation like this. All the candidates enrolled in our previous batch are now working full-time.

During the final stages of the program AddSkill team will work on your behalf to arrange interviews for you to help you secure a job. We provide you access to all the recruiters and roles which are listed on our platform within 1 year of your program completion date in case you haven’t found a job. In a scenario, that you don’t get a job within 1 year of program or your CTC is below minimum guaranteed CTC, you don’t have to pay us anything. We will refund the course fee to the subscribers of the prepaid payment plan.

Yes, you still have to pay even if you get placed on your own above the minimum offered CTC.

Yes, you need to submit Salary slips, Bank Statements, Offer Letters and Income Tax Returns with the financing partners or AddSkill as and when required
How do I start paying once I get the job?

As soon as you get a job, You shall be signing an agreement with our financing partner which will help you make the payment and convert your full payments into No Cost Monthly EMIs.

The First payment is required to be made to the account of the NBFC when you get your first salary and it will be auto debited each month post the first payment for remaining 35 months.

Yes, based on our experience in the past people who are currently earning 4 LPA or more have joined us in the past. They join us for various reasons and some of them are –
1. Learning opportunity – They learn from the top engineers who have worked or working in Top dream companies like Google, Amazon, Microsoft etc
2. Better Salary – We offer 150% as the minimum offered salary
3. To be a better engineer

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