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“Addskill has a best resources to learn and grow. They guided me to put my efforts, dedication and time in the right direction in order to achieve my goals. Now I am placed in Protect Pay.”

"Getting trained with Addskill has helped me to get a 200% increase in my salary alongside joining a good company. But more importantly, cracking interviews has now become an easy task for me. Also, I have more knowledge and skill set which I can explain well."
"Addskill is gem of organisation made up of awesome people. They will not only get you placed in high tech companies with great salary packages but also will change you in a better human being with much more skill set and confidence. Trust Addskill blindly. They know what they are doing."
"Addskill has a best resources to learn and grow. They guided me to put my efforts, dedication and time in the right direction in order to achieve my goals. Now I am placed in Protect Pay."
"Addskill helped me to get my dream job, which is a Full Stack Developer. The all time support and guidance by their team helped me to get a salary package 2 times more than my previous one."
"Initially, I have lot of questions like how the things going to work, how they train us, how focused and dedicated they are. They are very friendly and always available to answer any type of query. They never forced anyone to join the program immediately and give enough time to think what they were proposing or what they were offerings. The good thing was they offered some free classes to attend before you joined Addskill. They train us Weekends and then give assignments and problems to do on Weekdays.

The other good thing is like there is always a one-to-one interaction with every candidate and find out or helps them if someone is lacking behind the others. They also introduced to highly professional experience employees and conduct Mock Interviews before facing the real interview, so that one can prepare along with this course."
"Addskill has been very instrumental for growing as a Full Stack Software Engineer. Coming from a mechanical engineering background, it was quite challenging to learn all the fundamentals. But Addskill made sure that we didn't miss out on any important topic and made them really easy to grasp even for a person from different engineering background.

Addskill has been very helpful for making a strong foundation in DS and algorithms. The amount and quality of problem discussed and solved were relevant with the interviews perspective. Regular hackathons, mock interviews, tests, etc made sure that we were always on right track. Thanks Addskill for making what I am today."

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The course structure is designed by people with 4+ years of experience in top MNC’s like Microsoft, Amazon, JP Morgan, Walmart.

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