10 Reasons Why Full-Stack Can be Your Career Option

We simply can’t imagine a life anymore without the internet. This generation of us has become too comfortable, from booking the blockbuster movie of the month to buying the dream property with the help of mobile apps. However, if a curious mind pops up the question, what these apps are made up of, the answer will be ‘Stacks’. Apps are made up with the help of different stacks. In simple terms, Stacks are either a compilation of programming languages or software products. Among all the stacks available, Full Stack is one of the hot picks of Technology lovers.

The future will be dominated by Full-stack technology taking the lead. Therefore, it is inevitable that the high tide in the demand of Full-Stack developers is nearing to commence fast. There are a plethora of companies that are searching for Full-Stack developers, to develop cost-effective web and mobile applications. The companies now highly rely upon the expertise, knowledge, and skills of Full-stack developers.

With the background being stated, we at AddSkill have come to cater to all your doubts regarding why to choose Full-Stack as a possible career option. But before we jump in to discuss, the 10 most important reasons as to why to become a Full-Stack developer let us briefly flag questions related to Full Stack, that might jitter your mind.

Who is a Full-Stack Developer?

A Full-Stack Developer is proficient to work in both Front-End and Back-End technological domains.

They are skilled to handle, servers, clients, and databases. Such skills to work at multiple fronts make them so demanding in the market. As stated, the word Stack simply refers to a merging of technologies and products that forms the support system to let the web and mobile applications run properly. The Stack needs databases like MongoDB, MySQL, and others to build up, along with frameworks as Express, Rails, or Laravel connected to runtime stages such as Node.js, PHP, or Ruby and a client-side web-application framework, for example, React, Angular, or Vue. It solely depends on the requirement of a project what type of Stack, will there be used. Will it be MERN or MEAN, or LAMP or simply Ruby on Rails is decided considering the minute details of a project. A Full Stack Developer should well be acquainted with be able to work with all the Stack mechanisms, to make sure the one is safeguarding all the demands of developing a web or mobile app professionally in the best way possible.

Top 10 Important Reasons to Choose Full-Stack Development as your Professional Career

1) Growth is assured

The United States of America, in its Bureau of Labour Statistics, has released approximately there will be 853,000 no of job vacancies available for Full-Stack developers, by the year 2024. Presently there are 135,000 jobs available in the market for Full-Stack developers in the States. Therefore, basic calculation shows us that in a period of merely 4 years the jump in the job-chances of Full-Stack will go eightfold high. Full-Stack developers are sitting over a volcano of possibilities. Companies are surely going to vie Full-Stack developers all the more for the future.

2) Handsome Remuneration

Right from being a fresher, to escalate into the position of senior developer Full-Stackers are highly paid. The average salary of a Full-Stacker is 9.24 LPA in Indian Currency. It is around INR 13,75,689 for mid-level developers with 5-9 years of experience and 17 LPA for highly skilled senior, top-notch developers, having a minimum of 10 yrs. of experience. In the perspective of the US, the average annual salary of Full-Stack developers is $1113,462 a year and for the same job role, you will receive somewhere from 40,000 to 70,000 Pounds a year in the UK. USA and UK are the two most popular options, for on-sight job choices for Indians.

3) Great Market Demand

A Full-Stack developer is highly in demand as per the market needs. One, who has learned how to handle full-Stack development can enjoy multi-dimensional job role opportunities, as they have a vast knowledge of skills, that favors them to become the industry’s top choices. They can get involved with any part of the on-going project, at any point in time to flawlessly and complete the design of the project or the product. Their exception caliber is the sole reason for them to become the best choice of the industry.

4) The Pride of Ownership & Credit

The Full-Stack developers make the backbone of a company. They can handle a project, from the very commencement of it, to somewhere in the mid-way(when the basic development is already done). Plus, Full-Stackers can handle key project features viz, Front and Back ends, along with managing the UI/UX, whatever the client demands. This gives them the credit of responsibility and gives them the authority as a valued set of professionals, in the eye of a company.

5) Diverse Skillsets to Claim an Edge

A Full Stack developer is supposed to know back-end coding, database technologies, a range of programming languages, viz, Node JS, PHP, Ruby, and Python. The Full-Stacker, in addition to all these also supposedly understand knowledge in web-servers like Apache and database management system like MongoDB or SQL. Front-End technologies, that heavily use frameworks and libraries like React, Angular, and Vue, along with programming languages like basic HTML, CSS, and JavaScript— combining everything with basic skills UI and UX fall under the expertise domain of Full-Stackers. Thus, one can understand how deeply Full Stackers are skilled.

6) Work Flexibility

Full Stack Developers are no doubt very creative. They can together handle projects and contribute effectively in managing technologies. It can be anything— the client may demand to accentuate the technical features or may demand from the professionals to define all the creative borders anew. However, the Full-Stack developers are proactive to cater to their clients. They have an array of knowledge, that enables them to test multiple front-end and backend skills to develop the best outcome.

7) Zero Dependence Job Role

Full-Stackers are possessed gems of companies not without a reason. They take care of a horde of things. They are there to set up additions and updates to make a company run smoothly and also are responsible to document the client feedbacks, meeting their expectations. Their skill helps other teams too. Full-Stack developers are like leaders. They shoulder a great portion of a company’s load.

8)Increased amount of Productivity

Because of his magnificent amount of skill a Full-Stack developer is involved in faster decision making. A full-Stack developer enjoys both, creativity and supervision of his projects. He is well trained and capable to handle complex situations. A Full-Stack developer has better outputs and can do a lot of work in a very time-efficient way.

9)Easy Way of Gaining knowledge

One can easily learn the Full-Stack basics if one has a genuine interest and a little amount of patience in Web-Development. One can easily learn the skills, needed to become a Full-Stack developer par excellence. As they are highly versatile, learning the basics of different projects can boost their career growth, into a supreme high. Now, a variety of online educational courses are also available. Therefore, trust in AddSkill, choose the right resources and invest in becoming a top-notch Full-Stack developer from today. Companies always prefer skills over any degrees, in professionals.

10)Continuous Upgradation of Skills

As Full-Stack developers can handle a wide range of features governing several projects, they have to pay attention to what remains of high demand in the current market scene. They are always on the lookout for the most efficient ways to execute their projects, which allows them to develop skills that will be handy in the future too.

Full Stack: A key to the Future

Adding to the above-mentioned reasons, Full-Stack developers are on a continuous lookout to demand high remunerations based on their knowledge, flexibility, and demand on the industry. They are of sheer value to any team and are the makers of new web-projects. We at AddSkill provided you with a data-driven highly analytical answer. Take the right steps, and become your possible best!

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