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Best Code Editors for Web Developers

Are you a website developer and looking for the best code and text editor to increase your capability, efficiency, and performance?

Even though you can edit your website projects in these text editors, if you want to be a great website developer and improve your performance and efficiency, then the pre-installed tools such as Notepad and Gedit will have shortcomings.

There are many options, and it can be confusing to select which one to choose. But, don’t worry, in this blog, we are going to suggest some of the best code editors for productive development:-


Atom is one of the most popular website development text editors and website application company developers. The application is open-source and was developed by developers from the GitHub team.

It has many functionalities. In particular, the developers have provided the following features:

  • Highlighting syntax
  • Completion of code
  • Code collapse
  • Support for many languages
  • Support for the different versions of control systems

Atom contains a package manager that gives access to a lot of extensions and tools written by the developers and community.

But an important distinctive feature of Atom compared to other code editors is its extensibility. Thanks to its well-designed framework, API, and engine, writing your own code or add-ons for Atom is quite easy.

Atom supports the Teletype option (codeshare) so that multiple website developers can work on the same project simultaneously. In addition, the user can install IDE packages to turn a code editor into a proper development tool or to support the diverse capabilities of different development languages.

Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code, developed by Microsoft is a code editor and open-source software. Out of all the code editors in our list, this is without a doubt, the closest to being an IDE. It’s very powerful and one of the slower programs when starting up. However, while using, VS Code is fast and can handle multiple tasks, like quick Git commits, opening, and sorting through multiple folders.

VS Code has seen a great rise in popularity. It’s increasing its user base and drawing developers away from other editors regularly. It has a built-in terminal, and Git support, which are big winners among fans. The ‘IntelliSense’ feature provides auto-completion of code and data on the function parameters and known variable names.


Froala is the HTML Editor, which is easy to integrate for the developers, and its simple design makes you feel great. It provides a high-performing JS text editor that’s easy for developers to use.

Froala has a lot of Bootstrap-based design blocks to help you make a beautiful modern website. You can use it for free in your mobile and website projects. Also, the powerful API is designed to make the text editor simple to interact with and customize. Its editor is accessible in every framework and supports backend work which makes the work even easier for the developers.

Froala is used across different countries and multiple languages. The JS editor is compliant with WCAG 2.0, WAI-ARIA, and Section 508. You will get high-quality code, i.e, clear, testable, flexible, compliant, and economical.

Get each functionality at your fingertips by using shortcuts that you can activate by determining a few keyboard commands. It works exactly the same in Internet Explorer, Safari, and other browsers. It is a fast, lightweight, and plugin-based app that has a modern design, retina-ready view, themes, intuitive interface, SVG icons, Opoups, custom toolbar, custom style, Iframe, full-screen mode, etc.


The Notepad++ code editor is time-tested and has won a large audience. According to the research, 30.4% of developers use this tool.

One of its distinctive features is speed and works well with different programming languages. However, this editor is mostly used for HTML. 

It supports editing in different tabs and allows you to expand functionality using external extensions. For example, One can add syntax highlighting, macros, compiler integration, indentation, etc.


Working up to the conclusion, we can say that there are many reasons why you should consider becoming a full-stack web developer. You can become this awesome techie that everyone is eyeing. You will definitely have a great learning curve and career growth. You get a handsome package to top it all. If you’re interested to learn more or have any doubts, fill out our registration form as we plan to get back to you soon. We also provide 20-weeks Full Stack Development training where you get to work on real-time projects followed by guaranteed placement with a starting package of 5 LPA where you pay only after getting a job. If you want to find more amazing blogs, then make sure you keep visiting our website, follow our Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin channels, and like, and follow our Facebook channel for more content like this in the future!

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