Most Popular Programming Languages of 2021

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Most Popular Programming Languages of 2021

As a newbie in the field of technology, you will always feel confused to choose the best programming language to learn that can give a boost to your tech-career. There are thousand-odd programming languages available in the market to learn. Each of these programming language has its idiosyncrasy and comes with a bundle of complexities. However, that doesn’t mean we will stop. We at AddSkill are always willing to sort those problems out, that as a tech enthusiast you face daily. However, before we jump on and start discussing what programming languages are most in-demand, and what languages you should learn for an elevation in your tech career— let us talk about the most asked question on the issue of programming.

What is programming?

The very first question that comes to mind, when we talk about programming is that what the stuff is. In layman’s language, programming is nothing but delivering a computer, few instructions in a language that it understands. Computers don’t understand human languages. Therefore, we need to translate our human instructions into a language that the computer will understand. Here comes the role of programming. 

It has two parts—

Instruction Delivery to a Computer: First you need to deliver the computer set of instructions, that it understands thoroughly. It should be written in that language only, which is understandable to its system. Just like humans understand various languages, like Spanish, Urdu, Bengali, Latin, etc.— computers, too, understand some specific types of syntactical languages.

Executing Those Instructed tasks: A computer is used to ease out our day-to-day job. It is designed in a way so that it can solve multiple types of tasks. The computer is well equipped to carry out simple tasks, like adding two numbers, or it can be asked to perform complex tasks of carrying out complex interest calculations, or return after 5 years, etc. in any case the computer needs to rely upon programming. Programming happens with the help of languages, viz. Python, C++, Java, etc.

Why Should one learn programming?

There are many reasons for which one should learn the art of computer programming. The first reason for that is It is highly interesting—

There are many reasons for which one should learn the art of computer programming. The first reason for that is It is highly interesting

  • It helps to construct one’s own game, personal blogs, profile pages on a social networking site like Instagram, Facebook, and many more. It also helps to establish and operate e-commerce platforms like Amazon, and Google.

You don’t need a traditional degree for this job—

  • There are several diplomas available in the market if you want to become a programmer. It is not at all mandatory that you will need a computer science degree of four years, to become a full-fledged programmer. Just, go for some software development, or a Cybersecurity diploma that is enough to earn you a job. In this job the sole criteria is that you need to have very polished coding skills

Programming forms the skeleton of any technological company—

  • In today’s time tech-giants like Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, and many other companies are hiring and working in collaboration with numerous well-skilled computer programmers. If you the correct kind of business, then the knowledge of programming can help you achieve the desired success in your domain.

You can merge technical skill with creativity—

  • This is the sole nature of the job. As in this job, you address a bug and at the same time resolve it, you start understanding the nitty-gritty of software designing. Your skills become better than ever, which allows you to combine both technicalities with creativity.

The most popular Programming Languages to learn—

Here, we bring you the list of the best choices that you can make by learning these programming languages—


Now it is not possible to become a software engineer without developing the knowledge of JavaScript. According to a survey in 2020; JavaScript is the programmer’s popular choice to develop computer instruction. Almost 75% of the programmers prefer using JavaScript for their job for greater benefit. JavaScript is used for Front End development and Back End Development. It is Gmail’s, YouTube’s, Twitter’s favourite choice.

However, these days JavaScript is also getting used on the server-side. Node.js plays a role. The whole technology is used to build flexible network applications of different types. JavaScript is one of the top choices for programmers to use for programming computer instructions.


A ranking report proclaims Python outranks Java as per the facilities it provides. It is one of the most popular programming languages among programmers. The language has experienced tremendous growth around 17-18% for the last 5 years, in a continuous row. The language is preferred by Stack, Overflow, GitHub, etc. Also, Python can very well collaborate with modern technological innovation like, AI and ML— that are now being used on a large scale at multiple technological fronts. It is also preferred by programmers who are just starting. It is in high demand in web and software technology development industries.


In the year 2011 JetBrains introduced the language known as Kotlin. They released the first version in2016. Kotlin is mainly used for desktop applications, Android apps, server-side application development purposes. Kotlin is better than Java to work-with as it is better and has more usage. Coursera and Pinterest are some of the top companies that highly prioritize working with Kotlin. Also, point to be noted: Kotlin programmers have good pay, among the programming expert’s fraternity. 

C and C++

C is one of the oldest of all the programming languages, using which one may generate a list of other programming languages. It works as the base language to create Java, C#, and JavaScript. C++ is nothing but an even more modified version of C. Thus, there have arrived two types of accepted decisions among language programmers. Some of them directly learn C++, yet some still prefer learning C beforehand— as it provides a solid base on which they further build-up knowledge regarding other languages. Firefox, video games, and adobe are among those companies which appreciate working with C and C++.


Golang is the short form of “Go”. Go is a programming language, that is developed by none other than google. Golang due to its premium technological advancements is becoming highly popular and receiving a lot of fame. The language is now being used on a large-scale basis by the companies such as Uber, Dropbox, Google, and many other companies. It is a pro-language, to run processes concurrently. Projects like Blockchain and Kubernetes can be handled by it in aver efficient manner.


The above programming language is extremely popular in the web and game development technological genres. The language is being developed by tech-giant Microsoft for its .NET Framework. C# has earned popularity to be used in the cases like developing 2D and 3D video games. In one word we can say, the language is used for Unity software, which is the commonest game engine development software. C# is also famous for playing considerable roles in building Windows applications. It can comfortably work on the Back-end sides of any website. Bing and Visual studios are such types of websites, which make most of the usages of C#.

Before we End…

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