Must-Know Coding Terms Before Beginning any Course

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Must-Know Coding Terms Before Beginning any Course

It all happens due to a clear basic. Do you feel why your colleague ended up with a great gig? but unfortunately, you couldn’t? Let us tell you why! There is a high possibility that his basics are way stronger than yours. In the case of any domain, be it technology or medical science, the primary requirement to excel is getting the basics done. We here at AddSkill thus have come up with a detailed list of basic coding terms, that you need to understand, before really enrolling yourself for a course. 

Let’s Start Even at the Base of Basics…

In simple terms the language that runs a computer by feeding our commands into it, to perform all its necessary task is coding.

Even a layman knows that the future will be technology-driven. It will be a future of flying cars, and highly technology-driven society. Already tesla is coming with electric cars. Burgeoning researches are going on, to innovate driverless cars, human-like robots and the list goes on! Now, all of these tech innovations are possible due to multiple coding languages working in tandem. So when you say Alexa a “Hi!”— know the reply it gives is a perfect generation of the intense amount of coding the product has. 

The computer only understands binary languages. But unfortunately, humans don’t talk in terms of binary languages. Therefore, there has to be an intermediate translator, that takes the input from humans and transform it into the computer’s language. This translator is the code. In today’s generation of computers, the programmers write those codes which are a step taken aback from the binary codes, that a computer knows how to process by itself.

How is Coding Different from programming?

Coding and programming might sound synonymous at the very beginning, but they are much different from each other in a real-life scenario. A coder is just assigned to translate logic into a language, the computer can read on its own. A programmer has a more intense task to perform. Coding is just a subset of programming. It needs simple tools like WordPad, or Notepad to perform the coding. Nowadays, tools like Bootstrap, Eclipse, Atom, and Bootstrap are some of the latest tools in the market to use for coding. On the contrary, programming needs a lot more tools, as it performs immense complex tasks like reviewing documents, analyzing performance, etc.

Here we delineate the most awaited coding terms in full details—


The algorithm defines how a computer conducts its thought process. An algorithm is a cluster of rules, that is also a set of powerful instructions, which are very needed to solve a bug issue. It is used to fetch out things like a number placed inside an integer array or maybe an item from the detailed list of a catalogue.

Arithmetic Operators

Arithmetic operations are the key to drive every application. It is very needed in game-like apps. It is supported by the JAVA programming language. It can be used for floating-point and integer numbers, of any kind.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality, known as AR is an interactive process, where digital objects are put inside a real-world environment, in a real-time scenario. Augmented reality is different from virtual reality. The latter creates a myth. However, AR works in a real-world environment. For example, you can study the case of Pokémon-Go. It is done by overlapping the available digital content on the suitable physical object.


C++ is a shallow kind of, yet dynamic programming language. This helps to solve complex problems and understand the job of programming better.

Camel Case

Camel case is used to demarcate variables. Suppose you are writing a name, the inserted first word of it should be any lower-case, which will then be followed by new words which will all be capitalized. The fun fact is that a coding language has been named camel case because, in its initial architecture, the Cs looked as if they make a hump on a camel.


Application Programming Interface is a nucleus made up of rules, routines, and protocols. It is used to build software, where communication is needed with third-party programs or services. Facebook and Twitter use API in lots of cases. It facilitates interaction between software intermediaries. 


Angular. Js is an open-source JavaScript framework. It is maintained by Google. In MEAN stack development, it serves as one of the key-developing pillars— the ‘A’ of it.


Ajax is meant as Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. It is a set of web technologies, used client-side, to create asynchronous web applications. AJAX can make rapid changes to the content of the web-page, without even reloading the whole page.


Back-End mainly means the server-side development of a web-page. The main focus of using Back-End is to show how the site works. Back-end has three components— the server, the application, and the database. The Back-end work is not visually accessible to the users. The Back-end generates a code, which delivers the database information to the target browser, effectively.


Cascading Style Sheets works as a standard mark-up language. Before CSS programmers had to use HTML and mark-up which unnecessarily made the whole process complex. CSS in a front-End type language that governs better page control and page flexibility. It is also useful in formatting HTML, XML, SVG, XUL, and XHTML.


Front-end development is the client-side development of a web app. The focus here is always, on what the user can see. Front-End developers create their expertise at developing code designs. They are also responsible to debug any issue hampering the progress of any application.

Lamp Stack

LAMP is based on LINUX operating system technologies, MySQL, and the Apache HTTP server. The relational database management system, along with the PHP programming language is very needed to handle LAMP Stack. LAMP Stack is one of the most used, open-source web platform, that helps run dynamic websites and servers for big companies like Tesla and Birchbox.


MERN Stack is an offshoot of MEAN Stack only. Here the Angular.js frontend framework is replaced with React Js. For a developer, it is very important to about the components of MERN Stack in detail—

  • Top tier layer of MERN
  • It is a JavaScript, declarative
  • It is used to create the rapid client-side application in HTML
  • It connects interfaces with the backend server and delivers them in the form of HTML
  • It is structured like JSON
  • It helps to store data in our database
  • A framework structure by Node.js
  • Instead of writing the full web server code by hand on a NODE, developers prefer using EXPRESS, because it stops repeating, the same code over and over, as you would with the HTTP module.
  • It can build sturdy API
  • Made for google chrome, on V JavaScript engine
  • It works without even enclosing an HTML page.
  • It relies on its module system
  • The system is based on common JS
  • It can assemble multiple JavaScript files


Hypertext transfer protocol is an application that is designed to create a distributive, collaborative, and hype
rmedia informative system. It was used to construct the data communication process for the worldwide web. It is mostly used to fetch significant files, by browsers that are designed to do it.


A JavaScript library, jQuery is an open-source software device, which in turn is meant to simplify HTML DOM. It is designed for event-handling, CSS animation, and Ajax, swiftly and efficiently.


It is a powerful multi-purpose programming language, which has a high priority in the tech market. It is used in both Android operator systems and Android applications to large extents.

Before we say ‘BYE”!

Coding is the heart of developing any web app. At AddSkill we provide many courses, where theoretical approaches and tasks all are combined, to create a wholesome learning experience about coding, and other tech stuff. We are always at your help, to boost the career. Stay with us, with you never say die attitude.

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