What Is Full-Stack Development? Various Aspects of it!

What Is Full-Stack Development? Various Aspects of it!

We live in an age that is completely dependent upon the internet. Think of a day, you don’t feel like scrolling through your Insta handle, checking what’s going on in your BFF’s life, or maybe, simply glancing over the stock-market parameters of a day through your trusted fintech app— all of it has become a day-to-day affair in your life. Well, do you know all of these apps are based upon the technological backbone of a Stack? There are several types of Stacks, available in the market. FULL Stack, MEAN Stack, and MERN STACK are the best-known stacks, to date. Now if you ask me, which one of these three “BEST”, is basically “THE BEST of THE BESTS” …it will be FULL STACK.

At AddSkill, we have come up to delineate the nitty-gritty related to FULL STACK. If you want to become, a FULL STACK DEVELOPER in the future, well, you are then at the right place. Stay tuned… and read on!

What is a FULL STACK in Clear Terms…

It refers to the process of constructing both the FRONT-END (client-side) and the BACK-END (server-side) fronts of a web application domain. Full-Stack acts to bridge both the server and the client-side. A developer, who works on the FULL-STACK domain has in-depth knowledge about HTML and CSS technologies. He or she can even handle efficiently the tasks, of programming a browser, using JavaScript, jQuery, Angular, or Vue. Full-Stack developers even can program a server, taking help from PHP, PYTHON, ASP, OR NODE. Programming a database also falls inside the domain of developers, using tech tools like SQL, MongoDB, and SQLite.

Why Full Stack Developers are so much in demand?

There are a horde of reasons which makes a FULL-STACK developer an asset for a company to lean on—

  • Full-Stack developers can master any skill of an ongoing project

  • They can create any prototype of a given product, quickly without negotiating its quality

  • They are team players, and can very well collaborate with any team and continue working.

  • They are well-versed and has a diverse knowledge base to produce valuable outcome into the fabric of a group

  • They can handle the task of multiple people all by themselves. They thus save a company’s cost.

  • They take less time to produce the same outcome, as compared to other developers

  • They can handle both front-end and back-end development. They are multi-taskers and a value-added asset to companies.

  • They have the vision to better understand the benefits of upcoming, newer varieties of the same technology.

What is the job scope of Full-Stack developers In India

These days, Full-Stack developers are much in demand. Companies are totally in favor of hiring FULL-STACK developers as they are much more efficient and skilled than other developers. Thus, they cut the cost of a company, because they do the job of many professionals, alone all by themselves. A Full-Stack Developer is even efficient to handle MEAN and LAMP Stack. Their vast knowledge is their key arsenal to combat any rising bug in the field of technology.

The average salary of a FULL_STACK developer is around 6.3 LPA in India when one is just a beginner in the field and it goes up to 16LPA, as the expertise goes up. Companies are willing to pay handsome salaries to the FULL-STACKERS because they are unique and highly skilled. 

The Expected Salary of Full Stackers

In India, the average salary of Full-Stackers is INR 9.24 LPA, according to popular website Glassdoor’s data. At the bottom low, for a fresher, this figure is around INR 4.69 LPA. The figure rises to 16.88 LPA in Indian currency, for an average FULL-Stack developer, who has with him, a good amount of experience gathered, for the past 5-9 years.

Here goes a list of Recruiters, with their salaries, who provide good job opportunities to Full-Stack developers, in India— (in bracket we have mentioned what profile they prefer the most among developers)


Junior Professional’s salaries

Experienced professional’s Salaries

Company Status

GeekyAnts (React.js)


12,49,139/ year


Cabot (React.js)




Bacancy  (React.js)




Yahoo (React.Js)

5.00 lakhs /per year

20.33 lakhs/year


KPMG (MongoDB)

3.34 lpa



Microsoft (React.JS)

16 lpa

50 lpa


Intel (MongoDB and React Js)

13 lpa

50-60 lpa


Rediff (MongoDB)

8.1 lpa

17 lpa

Mid-Sized Company

Hike (MongoDB)

18 lpa

47.2 lpa



3.6 lpa

22 lpa

Start up

Purple Squirell (Express)

20,000 per month

60,000 per month

Start up

Technology wise classification of other famous Companies

React Js






Purple Squirrel

AIS Technolab



Digi Interface

Angular minds


Amar Ujala








WebClues InfoTech



Job Roles Offered to Full-Stack Developers

Software Developers

Constructing software, and conducting several tests on whether it runs the best, is the job of a software developer.

Project Manager

Being a Full-Stack developer, you can very easily become a Project Manager. The role is comprised of sending deliveries, planning sprints, chalking out the estimation for resource requirements, and calculating the related causes of it. The project managers also take decisions regarding which work to prioritize and when.

Quality Analysts

Again, Quality Analysts are meant to design automated or manual testing suits to examine, the causes of raising bugs in a system.

Business Analyst

Business Analysts conceptualize, the operations that shall be employed to be built for a project. They also design the precise conditions they gather from interviewing clients and analyzing the market.

System Architect

These are those set of professionals, who are experts in designing system architecture.

User Experience Designer

User experience designers are professionals who craft the interactions between system and users and optimize them to the required level.

Development Operation Engineer

This set of Professionals, dispose of the system to the production server and takes initiative to maintain the system, facilitating environments that are effective for producing servers, maintaining the system. The Development Operation Engineers, prepare a system for back-up and recovery

Diverse Job Roles

Full-Stack Developers enjoy a diverse Job role. They are always on the look-out to develop application and domain models. Their expertise lies in constructing optimization designs, bringing back database structure to normal, and also developing methods and modules to create a database. They are the trustworthy people for a company to suggest the right Stack for developing a web or mobile app. 

Skills Needed to Become a FULL-Stack developer

Front-End Technology Knowledge

A Full-Stack developer is expected to know, HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, and All the necessary Front-End technological accessories. Also, there is an expectation from the Full-Stack developer that he will know third-party library knowledge like jQuery, Angular, React JS and LESS.

Development Language Knowledge

Full-Stack developers are meant to have adequate skills cultivated in them of Server-Side programming languages like Ruby, Java, Python, Net, and likewise.

They are expected to know Database and Cache—

If a Full-Stack developer knows DBMS technology, he can very easily claim a lead on others. Along with he should know SQLServer, MongoDB, MYSQL, oracle s
erver handling methods. Knowledge of caching mechanisms like varnish, Radis, and Memcached are even better for a full-stacker to know.

Basic Design Learning

Full-Stackers should know basic design learning. The knowledge of designing is a huge plus. The basic prototype design abilities of UI/UX are common skills expected from a FULL-Stack developer.


A Full-Stacker must know how to handle an Apache or Nginx server. They should also be familiar with Linux.

Knowledge of Version Control

To make changes in the database FULL-Stacker must know Version Control System abilities. It keeps track of all the codebase changes made by a FULL-Stacker while developing a web-app. 

API Handling abilities

Knowledge of API along with REST and SOAP services fall under a Full-Stack developer’s expertise.


FULL-STACK developing is the future. With more and more companies coming us with their websites, Full-Stack developing will witness job openings and market demand all the more in coming years. We at AddSkill are always there to provide you the must-know tech teachings of 2021, to give a boost to your career.

Stay tuned with us! And never give up…

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