Why Full-Stack Development Will Have A High Future Demand

Are you someone looking to make Full Stack Development your career option? Are you confused about whether to make it a full-time career goal or not? Do you fear, thinking what will be the future of a full-stack developer? Well, worry not. We here at AddSkill, are there to help you. We provide you with a detailed analysis, covering a 360 degrees review of the full-Stack development job profile. But before, we straight away start discussing what Full-Stack development can bring into one’s career, let us briefly state, what a Full-Stack is and why Full-Stack developers are in demand? FULL Stack: Its Definition and Importance To develop, a web application one needs to use a technological tool, to build it, known as Stack. Now, in the market, there are various types of stacks available. Full-Stack is one of the most common stacks, that developers use to develop apps. Full Stack developers are skilled enough, to construct both the sides, viz., the client-side and the server software side. To become a full-Stack developer par excellence, one needs to know HTML and CSS, grappling each detail of these two with greater perfection, even at minuscule levels. He/She even should know the basics of programming a browser, using JavaScript, Angular, Vue, or jQuery, etc. And should understand how to program a server, making use of python, Node, ASP, or PHP. If one, who has chosen Full Stack as one’s career option knows, how to program a database using SQL, SQLite, or MongoDB, it will come to his or her advantage. There is an array of importance that a Full-Stack developer can offer to a company, which in turn would accelerate the company’s productivity. To mention a few of such advantages that can be incorporated in a company by hiring Full-Stack developers are—

  • The Full-Stackers are accomplished web and app developers
  • Being skilled in both, front-end and back-end technologies, a full-stacker is versatile
  • They take part, in various parts of a running project at different points in time. Thus, a full-stacker has a lot of experience in his/her hand
  • From the perspective of a company, the main benefit of hiring a full-stacker is that he/she can help to develop the whole design at any given point in time.
  • Professional Full-Stackers are committed to making a website more and more user friendly. Thus they always find ways to upscale, their expertise.
  • They can also represent a company to stakeholders, alongside handling technical departments, being placed at responsible positions.
  • They are excellent at troubleshooting tech-bugs, during any web development process.
  • Even on a slim-budget a company can develop well-designed web-apps with the help of the right kind of Web-developers.
  • They are never a problem to match deadlines, because of their extreme skill set.
  • They are accountable and reliable. They can even handle MVP developments. Now we move on to state, why and how you can choose a Full-Stack career for yourself, discussing its future perspective.

The Tomorrow of Full-Stack: A future guide for its developers

If you find this article helpful, chances are there that you are interested to know what are those latest technologies dominating the globe, right now. However, we all know that it is better to learn smart than to learn hard. Therefore, start to cultivate your knowledge in technological domains, where you have already done possible researches regarding, what are its career options?/ What is its market demand?/ And of course research well on what is its possible future! Full-Stack development is supposed to experience a flood in its growth in the coming future and experts have predicted with the help of statistics that Full-Stack will create its monopoly dominance over the fields of cut-edge technology in the future, not too distant. It will inevitably fetch job opportunities to Full-Stack developers. In the past year, 30% of jobs for Full-Stackers have newly developed, in India. With that being stated, let us now move to the next part of this discussion—

The Future Growth and Demand For Full-Stack Developers

So, as Promised we at AddSkill are going to delineate, why you should choose Full-Stack development for your career, what are the criteria you should keep in mind thinking of its prospect, etc. As we have addressed earlier, Full-Stackers are assets to a company! Full Stack development is one of the key job roles a company can offer. With every company digitalizing itself and coming up with their website, the demand of Full-Stackers has never experienced a sloth in it. Thus as long as businesses are digitalizing, websites are growing the demand for Full-Stack web developers will never touch a low. Remuneration of Full-Stack Web Developers in the Indian job market Full stack developers make satisfactory earnings each year. Full-Stack development jobs are regarded as one of the highest money making jobs in the Indian context. It is because, the demand for Full-Stackers is always raising, but there is a shortage in the availability of skilled professionals. On average, a Full-Stack developer earns INR 9.24 LPA. The pay gets, even more, depending on job location, company size, etc. A highly skilled Full-Stack developer can make INR 16 Lakhs per anum, and a fresher should start his/her career expecting a remuneration somewhere around 5 to 6 lakhs per anum. Now one may ask: Why The Full-Stack developers are given so much money in India? Well, it has many reasons at its back. But the most important factor over here is that a Full-Stack developer has additional knowledge in his/her hand, mainly knowledge of products and services, that fetches them a salary, which is more than other developers.

Now let’s compare the salary of full-Stack developers with that of other types of developers in the Indian context.

  • Full stack developers make 9 LPA, whereas Front-end developers make somewhere around 5 to 6 LPA.
  • A back-end developer earns 6.82 LPA in India, which is again less than the earning of a Full-Stack developer
  • A MEAN Stack developer makes on an average INR 6 to 12 LPA. This salary range is close to the earning of a Full-Stack developer, yet the changes in pay take place based on JOB locales, Company size, and job experience along with expertise.

The prospect of Full-Stack developers

A full-stack developer is adored in a company because of his enormous versatility. He is just not an expert in front-end and back-end technology development but also a highly skilled professional in the field of other technological developments. They can shift their domain to MEAN Stack developing, web-developing, or into DevOps Developing. They are expected to be sound in all the aspects of technological background and development of websites. Full Stack developers are well-versed in areas of React.js, node, JAVAScript, MongoDB, and Python. Due to their diversified band of knowledge and sheer skill, they are treated as valuable assets for any company.

Next of their quality, which companies favor a lot, is multi-tasking. Full-stack developers are highly competent, due to their skill-set. They are given a greater amount of preference over others. A Full-Stack developer in a team can manage the entire on-going project if the need is so.

It is needless to say, that Full-Stack developers can enjoy multiple job opportunity openings. They can wear too many hats. They are offered handsome salaries and a plethora of job options await their way. Full-Stack development is one of the highest paying job options in the whole world. In the USA, Full-Stack job avenues are supposed to rise by several folds by 2024.

Full Stack developers are flexible to work with. They are quick to adapt to any change taking place in a product. Their expertise, versatility, and flexibility make them a hot-pick option in eyes of top-notch companies, viz., Google, Apple, Microsoft, etc.

They also enjoy working freelance, as there is
a huge demand for them in the market.

On the Final Note—

Full Stack developers are assets to a company. They are a highly-skilled, value addition set of professionals. The future will be one, witnessing a flood in the development of cut-edge technology. In such a scenario, Full-Stack developers will only be enjoying multiple job options coming their way, each day.

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