Why should you learn full-stack development in 2021?

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Why should you learn full-stack development in 2021?

Day by day, the world is becoming dependent on technology little by little. We all are getting used to handling several mobile and web applications. All these applications save our time to a large extent and do our job with all the smoothness. From ordering a plate of Biriyani to getting your business online, everything can now be done with the help of a web or mobile application. All these apps are based on some sort of a Stack. The most used one, among these clusters of stacks, is FULL Stack.

Before we jump on and state, why one should invest in learning Full-Stack in 2021, let us state very briefly, what Full Stack means, what it is made up of? How can it fetch you a living and a certain another prospect!

What is a Full-stack?

A Full-Stack is a specialized technology that connects the server-side with the client-side. It uses too many languages in it. We, in technological terms, call the server-side development procedure Back-End development and client-side development Front-End development. Front-End is that part which the common people, who are using a web application, mainly use. The back-end is the more complex part of web development. It provides the necessary business logic to a company. Back-end works as a channel that provides the inflow of necessary inputs, in terms of data. It also performs a series of tasks, to keep the app going.

Skills of Full-Stack Developers

These are the extremely important knowledge-based skills of Full-Stack developers—

Knowledge of HTML that Full Stack Developers needed

The knowledge of HTML is necessary for Full-Stack developers, as it is one of the building blocks of any Web app. HTML allows a developer to successfully incorporate content into a website.

The knowledge base of API (REST and SOAP)

Knowledge of developing web services is something the Full-Stack professionals must know. For, this they need to polish their skills in REST and SOAP services.

Skill of CSS

Another pillar that develops a web app successfully is CSS. Therefore, needless to mention that CSS knowledge helps a developer to alter the facades of web apps. The knowledge becomes complete when he becomes proficient in using CSS BOX Model, CSS Pre-processor, CSS Media Queries, and Bootstrap technologies.

LAMP handling abilities

A Full-Stack should handle servers like Linux, Apache, or Nginx very well. In other terms, he must know LAMP stack handling.

Knowledge of MEAN

A full-stack professional should know how Mongo DB, React.js, Express, and Node.js run to develop an app.

Skills regarding JavaScript Technologies.

JavaScript knowledge is what labels a FULL-Stack Developer as a FULL-Stacker. It is one of the non-negotiable parts of becoming a Full-Stack Developer. He should go in-depth with JSON, DOM, and use these features to compute event delegation, functioning higher-order, etc.

Back-End Developing skills of a Full-Stacker

There is a list of Back-End developing languages, a person should know if he wants to set his career successfully at Full-Stack development. The list is as follows—

  • JAVA
  • C #
  • C++
  • PHP
  • SQL
  • IOS
  • JavaScript
  • Python
  • Go
  • Sass
  • Parse.com
  • Rest

Front-End technologies a FULL-Stack developer should always know—

  • Bootstrap
  • JSON
  • CSS
  • GULP
  • XML
  • JAVA
  • Git and GitHub

It is of a FULL-Stack developer’s benefit, that he knows so many Back-End languages. He should keep on cultivating as many languages as he can, as it is only going to add value to his profile. However, it is recommended that he becomes a pro at one language and should know the basics of other mentioned languages. 

Knowledge of HTTPS

This set of technologies facilitate the communication between client and server-side. In this age, hacking has become a norm, and therefore security is very important. HTTP is used to ensure security measures as well. Therefore, the Full-Stack developers must learn it.

Knowledge to Design Database/ Web Storage

Building a web-application is synonymous with creating storage pockets in the web that can lock up relevant data there. A good developer is someone, who needs to learn and grapple with the interlinked concepts of defining how rational databases and memory storage works hand in hand. 

Web Architecture

This is the very advanced skill of a web developer. Mostly, senior software engineers possess these skills that help to structure a code very efficiently. The same skill can also be used to segregate and store for reference purposes certain large files. The FULL-Stack developers are well versed in structuring data, inside the complex database mechanism that web apps use. They can decide where they should locate a computational task. Knowledge of platform service, viz., Heroku and Aws are also handy for full-stack professionals as they optimize their performance.

All these skills, that a Full-stack developer has set him apart from others. A company relies upon a Full-Stack developer like a crutch. His extensive skill set is his use. With the help of it, he can always claim a better remuneration.

Let us quickly recall why A Full-Stack Developer never goes out of market demand?

Technology has now taken the lead in our life. But with each passing day how we use technology is ever-changing. Full-stack developers are highly reliable because of their wide knowledge base. Because they are multi-taskers, they can handle too many things, at the same time. Also, their range of knowledge enables them to perform better at any given stage of a running project. They can handle both back-end and front-end technologies, with full efficiency. This same set of individuals can create prototypes of any product, maintaining quality assurance. They have a better vision to analyze what shall be the upcoming trends of a project. They save the cost of many companies, because of their skills. Quick learners these set of professionals are team players.

The Handsome salaries Full-Stack Developers

Full-stackers fetch very good salaries. And why should they not? They are extremely capable and efficient. In India as a fresher, they make 6.3 LPA and with their growing expertise, they start fetching more. They can earn up to 40lpa to 60 LPA even. 

We here provide a comparative study of several technologies Full-Stack developers cultivate their expertise on, and that brings them alluring salaries

Technology Fresher’s Salary Salary of experienced professionals
React.js 4.25 LPA 12.30 LPA
Mongo DB Rs 34,145 per month Rs 90,000 per month
Express Rs 22, 425 per month Rs 70, 000 per month
Node. js Rs 21, 250 per month Rs 150, 000 per month

There are several reasons why a Full-stack developer is paid so well. Many Full-Stack developers focus on learning either of Front-end or Back-end. They put immense effort to gain knowledge and skill regarding the construction of frameworks and learning languages that can check the internal bugs that arise while creating a web app. On the design side, they focus to analyse market skills and upcoming trends of new technologies. They also very well know layout patterns, color theory techniques, typography, and user experience design.

The Job Roles Full stackers handle

Full-stack developers are multi-taskers and they can handle too many job roles, for example—

  • Product manager
  • Development operation manager.
  • Business developer
  • Business analyst
  • System designer
  • User experience designer
  • Quality assurance engineer
  • Technical manager

Soft skills of a Full-Stack developer 

A full-stack developer has too many soft skills. To name a few—

  • He is well-versed to understand data-based algorithms
  • He adopts new technologies very fast
  • He knows how to handle non-technical automation, testing, and optimization
  • He knows troubleshooting a web app with faster applications
  • He can generate test Codes to validate an application, that goes against the client’s requirement

AddSkill Courses on FULL-Stack that helps you grow

At AddSkill, we have come up with new courses to give a boost to your Full-Stack career. We punch theoretical knowledge together with practicality, combine knowledge with practice. It helps the students to generate real-life problem-solving techniques all the more. Learning is the most useful when the practice is accompanied. Thus, we have specially craft quizzes that you can fall back on, to sharpen your skills. We are committed to uplift your career, and make you a more skilled engineer.

On the Finale…

The future is FULL-Stack. Each day the jobs are growing. WE will provide you with the latest technological information about what is entering the market and several other things. Make sure you work hard, to become your best possible self!

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